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Embrace Beauty Brow Art Academy
About Us
Embrace Beauty Brow Art Academy, the leading eyebrow artistry brand in Malaysia. Headquartered in Petaling Jaya of Malaysia. The brand is founded and created by the leader of the industry, Katherine Chai Caderin. Since its establishment in 2007, Embrace Beauty has gone through 12 glorious years of growth and development. We continue to serve with passion and spread the beauty of eyebrow artistry locally and globally.

Embrace Beauty Brow Art Academy has over 5 years of training experience and producing top quality training workshops. We have worked with many organizers and partners and organized countless training workshops. Every training, Elites class and Master classes and even private 1 on 1 class are specially tailored and developed by our professional experts.

Why Choose Us
Our Signature Embroidery Services
Misty Brow
This technique employs a stippling method which implements dots into the skin to create soft powder make up eyebrow look with an embroidery machine or a manual hand tool. It creates an elegant, vivid, refined and natural eyebrow with non-downtime takes.
Crystal Lips
Most effective painless silky-smooth method that provides you semi-permanent colorful natural lips with moisturizing effect. Also, to reshape and cover up dark and pale lips.
Hairline Microblading
The same as eyebrow microblading, draw tiny strokes on the scalp along the hairline to mimic natural hair growth. This way, the thinning areas can be concealed, creating a look of full hair.
3D Eyeliner
Gives you the liberty of wearing an eyeliner without blowing your natural cover! We can enhance and define your eyes by redirecting the pigment color upwards just underneath the roots of your top lashes, opening up your eyes and making your lashes look ultra-luscious.
This is a combination of manual and machine technique, implementing repetitive dots to create a powder effect with hair strokes. Highly suitable if you prefer fuller brows with the illusion of authentic eyebrow hair.
It is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool. This tool help to mimic natural hairs in your brows to creates an illusion of fuller brows and blends naturally.
Embrace Beauty Brow Art Academy
Why Choose Us
  • 12 years’ experience in beauty
  • 1000 satisfied clients
  • Safe and natural in plant based products
  • Personalization embroidery design
  • Authorization from Buckingham College of Arts and Science, UK
  • Effective & long lasting
Before & After

Misty Brow

Crystal Lips Embroidery

Hair Line Embroidery


Microblading Brow

Man Microblading Brow

*individual results may vary

What Our Customers Say
  • Their service is the best even when I’m asking so much. At first, my eyebrows color is very light (of course I’m requested for light color), however, they are giving 1-time free touch up. They will do their best to makes us looks more pretty. Definitely will introduce to everyone!

    by Jennifer Foh
  • Highly recommended! I’ve done my eyebrow, eyeliner and lips embroidery here for the past 3 years. Personally, I think the embroidery can last more than a year, but I make it a habit to touch up every year before CNY.

    Thank you, Katherine, for her professional and great service! And - Oh, my first-time doing lash lift + tint with her and I love the result! Always make me feel welcome with her friendly attitude.

    by Janice Alyssa Wong
  • I'm glad to entrust my eyebrows embroidery to Katherine Chai for several years and I’m extremely pleased it.

    She is very skillful, patiently, meticulous and pays attention to detail. I was impressed by her professionalism! She wanted the best for me and made me prettier!

    Strongly recommend her services to all my friends and relatives. Best of The Best Brow Specialist!

    by Kaye Lee
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